081410 - The Urban Tracker (In Manila) - Aunt Courier At Rob Ermita

It's hot over New York, my aunt told me over the dinner she threw at Mangan in  Robinsons Manila  just as the rains drench Manila streets. Fresh from flight from Davao, she arrived for a one night stopover here upon the next day’s flight back to New York. She called my sister Camille who is now staying at her New York flat asking for any pasalubong requests that's we're here i the mall after all.

Some Filipinos I heard are even packing up local deli like adobo, balut laing, and even bagoong to go inside the check-in luggage. But for my sister, she has more particular cravings for the snacks like chicharon or sweets. We easily secured her a chicharon by Ya Yammy’s delicacies and a nicely packaged Leslie’s Thin & Crispy banana chips. We also ran to Goldilocks to buy her favorite pulvoron varieties.

At Mangan, a kapampangan resto, They serve us this fish platter package with all meats, fish, chicken, liempo but their best signature dish is the buro that goes nice along with the kick of their ice tea. But my aunt's numerous stories is our main course especially being a proud grandma now and showing off her grandson's scrap book.

We ended the night helping her pack her belongings and figuring out how to fit our send off stuffs. She earlier gave us the stuff my sister sent thru her, now it's our turn to make a pakisuyo to her, which she is so willing to do like any relatives will. It's a sigh when we learned it didn't exceed the baggage limit. If smiles can be laminated, I would have done it tonight with kindred regards to my aunt's safety trip going to a place where her stories took us to New York...New York!