081310 - The Urban Tracker (In Manila) - Reunion Freaks At San Andres

The McDo nugget psycho has been sending me shockwaves and chills these past days. Freaks can be a distraught choosers I guess but today my freaks for the so-called Friday the 13th jinx went otherwise.

Wearing gladiator sandals to match the black leggings. Her hair long and cellophaned. Her brows permanently imprinted with her chin resembling that of Sharon Cuneta. Yet I still recognize that voice when she called me on our doorstep tonight. But 20 years ago he was still known Benedicto Licup. I rather call her Badette now after 20 years after winning many beauty titles, eloping in Japan for the last 12 yrs.

I thought she went into hiding I told her from those faint rumors. The last 3 years of my high school life in Araullo was made colorful with him then until we went into separate university. She finished Nursing but she instead she left for Japan in the height of gay entertainment export in late 90’s. Those glory days are over as Japan’s economy starting to slump. She went into hiding until she came home last year. She said she’s been looking for me together with our high school colleagues in their last reunion in MOA. Some kind of reunion she said is on the works and just about the freaks I have been dreaming past few days.

But now its good to remind me of this lousy dancing number in Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion for my reunion icebreaker.