081110 - The Urban Tracker (On Art Appreciation) : Violet Reflections

Some years back, Owen, a self-proclaimed artist friend handed  me a whole face sketch portrait which I split for my blog. He only used crayons yet he incredibly gave it a more pronounced sadness bringing out a very stark character.

Rather than use of colors, maybe his emotions that triggers his strokes. His mood can shift from reluctance to indulgence. He can spend hours mulling over the colors and next thing you know he destroys his work.

I was intuitive enough to save some when he donated his works to me when he was about to throw it in trash. He may not be Paul Gauguin or Vincent van Gogh but his feelings are apparent with use of colors and strokes, he learned apprenticing from his uncle who is a professional painter. His style leans on impressionism to modern expression but he can attack a fruit like you wanna eat it.

I came to understand his unique art attack while I try analyzing the violet reflections he played on those tree branches and the pathways on this painting I salvaged from him. Maybe I cannot understand his use of violet but sure he injected a mystique in this painting, and I wonder if I get into expedition on the wild on that trail, I felt entering on some netherworld or going to some place as described in  Shannara book. I remember I gave him all my old volumes that maybe enabled the magic on his brush.