080710 - The Urban Tracker (On Grease Man) - Combien De Temps

He seems to be invisible when he roams the streets. His clothes usually tattered or worse soiled as if transported from wasteland. His body next to rotten carcass, a living zombie with stiff sensibility, trembling from within.

His fear of unknown is both his offense and defense. He has a self-made space he finds peace and scurries like a rat when chased. This stranger called grease man or taong grasa we may have come across the city streets.

This person could once be professional like in movie Mila where Maricel Soriano portrayed a teacher turned to a hopeless street wanderer. Drugs or depression drive people from their normal life to wallow and retreat to the streets coupled with episodes of low-esteem, schizopherenic tendencies in Jay Taruc’s documentary.

Whuch brings me to this guy that goes with a name of Bunny who is still visible around our city town knocking doors and gestures for food or money. He is deaf but the neighbors are quick to respond to his request. He will be there and gone next but keeps coming back as if looking for something. Heresays told that he used to be part of rich family in our place and his family moved and abandoned him. Those talks are yet vague, since he is harmless our community welcomes his presence and are generous of her including us. But he could have been better taken cared off in the hands of his family. Its hard to see someone who lost sanity and without a support of family.

For how long they wait - as long as they are treated deservingly like one of us. We were once outcast like them in some way.