080610 - The Urban Tracker (On Internet Sensations) - Break Out Morphs

I tried a version of adobo using lemon dressing this afternoon which is in contrast with the traditional adobo cooked by Travis Kraft on his morning show guesting. It turned out good but  its more funny however checking Travis' online demo of cooking adobo speaking in broken Filipino accent. With its large hits and views, it was worth browsing to see an expat who is trying to learn our language and cook our native food. He also has a demo version for dinuguan and the ginataang mongo with pork.

For a wannabe who's trying to etch a name or make a break in the net, one has to resort to this so-called morphing gimmicks or transform into a self-made guru to be able to fascinate the online mass and gain patrons. Sometimes it pays to do something which is not usual, or apart from one’s personality and the result could be awkward but there are people out there in the net who are constantly looking for something out of the ordinary.

Another interesting online figure is Mystica. Mystica used to be a showbiz celebrity with a tag of doing split in her screen appearance. Now Mystica is more active in her motivational speaking engagement. She even launched an online speaking advisory to give some advice to her fans whether in love, sex or relationship. Imagine a former exotic dancer has something more to prove she can do than just her sexy connotation. And very soon she is launching her foundation too.

If Happy Slip became YouTube hotbabe with her funny cam shots and Lady Gagita has captured our attention with his Lady Gaga parodies, I bet there are others who can do some twisting of sorts or some self reinventions. As if possessed, even celebrities we knew were suddenly speaking about third eye or alien encounters, even acquiring an ability to heal or predict future. But we knew some turned politicians and even some as magicians.

Reinvention authenticates one place and the key to acquire glory and recognition for one’s namesake and market value. But it takes a stunning act to fast track one’s rise to fame. As long as the idea is unique and one’s own, someone out there will always lay an attention and someone will always take off from another’s idea to make a breakthrough. And it maybe not too late. Because today the unstoppable Jejemon has opened the curtain to another surrogate…the Bekimon.