080510 - The Urban Tracker (On Carnap Heist) - Freaky Antics

The sensing of unknown is hard to ignore. It works like a gift of third eye where there is an advanced conception of event. But this afternoon before going to Citta a movie rerun of “Hiwaga Sa Balete Drive”, obviously an 80’s rerun from those Mother Lily’s golden library. The dimunitive Ian Veneracion learned that developing a third eye endangered his life after busting a crime. He realized a gift can become a curse.

Just like Ivan Padilla and his carnap antics that finally caught up with his headlined notoriety in a recent heist. Seeing him bloodied while being interviewed in pain in a video must be an exclusive scoop but he has been writhing in pain and needed immediate medical help. He reportedly died after being transported in hospital. He must have fought a do-or-die battle during the crossfire with the operatives. But what made it more chilling was the findings that he didn’t die from gunshot wounds, but on alleged strangulation.

Ivan knew he smelled death but in a manner unexpected. Death and justice have claws working but in this case justice lost its teeth when death took the first blunt. These and some never-ending questions are like whispers from the walls of my house confines tonight enough to foment other visions of things of some kind of experiment.

But one signature poker face was the one that registered my mind in her past horror movies. Its hard to imitate such facial movements because you have to maintain the eye-contact, the make-believe smile or reaction and at the same time the sincerity is intact. It’s the face that of Iza Calzado – I wish I would not see in my dream tonight.