080410 - The Urban Tracker (In Makati) - Spilt Soda Over Cash & Carry

It’s great to see the shots on my email sent by Jill, a tagged friend, using his new Nokia phone yesterday when we met finally at Cash & Carry. It’s the shots of boxed stalls I saw with different products but with a common salesgirl. It’s the new concept of  funbox  I found out. It’s a new retailing concept of renting out boxes to another owners to showcase their products.

These EEnnie – Minnie  musings ended with Jill last night in Jollibee as we have acquaintance dinner. Over my Jollibee Chicken barbecue ( my heart still belongs to Mang Inasal) we had some run of stories like the cockroaches in Cebu hotel until his 20k ripped off by travel agency.

A guy coming behind us from the counter suddenly tripped with all the soda drinks spilling all over the table where his company is waiting. The guy lost balance maybe with the growing crowd, but in the busy food spot like Jollibee losing one’s momentum can happen. The guy’s company a girl sitting on the table got slightly wet but of course we cannot do anything just watch all along until a crew come to the rescue to wipe it off.

Which brings me to another spilling incident involving me some years in McDonald’s when I slipped in their newly cleaned floor and my drinks fell to the ground. McDonald’s crew immediately responded. It was more a courtesy that they replace my. I never see a warning signs about spilled drinks, or it’s a silent code not to remind the customers on spilled drinks. But in my assessment, fastfoods should only replace the drinks when they are spilled just before the order arrives on the table. But once consumed and its spilled, it’s customer’s responsibility. Its already part of the chain’s customer service to replace it.

Then going back to Jollibee, the crew returned with a new set of drinks to replace the ill-fated ones. On my mind, It was the right thing to do for Jollibee crew then like nothing happened, Jill and I continued our dinner bonding.