080310 - The Urban Tracker (On Annihilating The Creepy Crawlers) : Jerky Creeps

Cockroaches always had a party around our kitchen area every night but this morning I stepped on one and I found out more dead scattered a few distance. I had to sweep these irritants and dump to waste bins impulsively I found out the 4 small oval shaped gadgets placed in moist spots. The brand name read Pest Off, a roach trap. On its directions it said it works by releasing built-in fumes that when inhaled by cockroaches will weaken their system and eventually die. It has a 3 month effect within a 1 meter radius before replacement. Sounds interesting but again for how long it works.

My sister told me she bought this the other day as she was looking for ways to ward off our perennial housemate. We tried all kinds of anti-cockroach agents in the past but of course its effect has limited time frame. Unlike rats, cockroach has its way of multiplying without our detection.

It can lurk among the unknown spaces and corners of the house. Perhaps one's domestic life is meant to have cockroach alongside. Who doesn't jerk anyway being frisked by these creepy crawlers?

Well these creeps can be more outrageous watching Oggy and The Cockroaches. Hey cockroaches can do some comic relief like this one...