080210 - The Urban Tracker (In Cavite) - A Stolen Cat Shot in Bahayang Pagasa

Just about entering a pick-up yesterday, I had taken a stolen snapshot of a cat sitting on the top of our neighbor’s owner in Pagasa. With a camera on hand, it was more automatic on that rush. Browsing the shot would be a cute remembrance. I noticed the cat’s light orange hair and it could have caught something thru the mirror it was looking to.

My once beloved cat Daniel also has a shiny orange coat. He vanished some years ago when I left him locked in our yard in Sn Andres for his growing interest in hunting rats. Someone may have opened the yard gate and Daniel must have slipped thru to chase a mate. He was a bubbly Persian cat. The next day he was gone without a trace and for weeks without a clue as to who abducted him. I still went on my silent search for leads as my way to pacify my feeling of loss. And soon the truth disclosed, Daniel was stolen by a tripping neighbour who sold him to gain cash as against my former suspicion. I lost Daniel to the greedy and opportunist.

Daniel may be stolen but not the memories. The trouble of loving a pet is learning to let go when it's gone. But it's better I have seen my pet for the last time, than always having a riddle of what happened  and what took place the night he sneaked out.

So to Daniel, glad there's Robert Smith!