072210 - The Urban Tracker (On Water Crisis) - Skipping Queues

Watching the water crisis looming on news and those long queue and crowd brings those memories when I had to join the long wait in securing a bucket or a drumful of water. News have told that the crisis is unusual since its the advent of rainy season and already beyond El Nino. For some of  Filipino household, a stock of pail or drum of water must spell a relief to get them thru the day or two. In my childhood residence in Sn Andres area, it's comforting to know we're not deprived unlike some areas. Our water connections were overhauled and  improved 10 years ago. But with the crisis and lack of rain, it looks like rationing is not far from happening.

But what is more exasperating with queuse are some folks who disregard it and have the guts to sneak into the long line against all odds. These opportunist don’t have courtesy of others who have come to queue properly. I will not be surprised if skipping queues land among Pinoy's most annoying habits.

But we are all hands up hurdling queues on other usual to-dos like paying  bills, taking MRT ride, transacting at the bank, betting on lotto, depositing goods at market counters… but all with a little courtesy, patience and cool heads , we can trailblaze the outdoors. Now who's afraid of "Pila Balde"? That's the title of the movie but in reality it could look like these....