072910 - The Urban Tracker (In Quezon City) : Belated Barking In Fairview

There’s an epitaph in the garden with a name Garci , no not the guy who figured out in wiretapped conversation with then misguided GMA but it was the name bequeathed by my sister to her beloved dog. It was just sorry that this mongrel had to be euthanized, for humanitarian reason he was put to sleep after figuring in biting incidents. He became uncontrollably wild, no not that stigma from election manipulation, but it had to be stopped from hurting. He even used to have a  Petsters account unlike the rest of his remaining family. Joc-Joc no not the guy who is accused of fertilizer scam, but the name of Garci's dog son who has now assumed the alpha role to the pack.He though has the best barks that cracks my morning coffee.

But my most beloved of the 4 is Ate Glo, no not the former president who is now a congressman who figured out in numerous unpopular incidents like the Hello Garci, ZTE scam, but an original very calm and dear Dalmatian.

Maybe FGMA has weathered the storms of presidency despite the threats, opposition, and clamor to resign. But no, they haven’t fooled GMA enough to step down and who would not if most of us in position. Maybe GMA has the last laugh on her turnover, the dogs sure gonna miss a little feasting like this......