072810 - The Urban Tracker (In Paranaque) - A Click With A Clique At MOA

For years now, we consider these 2 couples from Sweden as our dear family friends. Seeing them right now on their last leg of their month-long trip  gives a sense of kinship and hope for the future.  Aunt Eva and Aunt Ruth together with their husbands – Kali and Lars arrived past 4 in MOA grounds just across the globe landmark. Their flight arrival from Mindanao delayed. A walk around the vicinity was the next thing to the stop over.

Mall of Asia is  like an inviting aquarium with all its glitter and tantalizing impression by equinox. The twilight atmosphere was perfect watching the playful fountain in the entrance. It's near dawn, and it's settling for a sit-down time to catch up stories from their travels and news from relativedom.

We spent our dinner in nearby  Pizza Hut with its complementing bonding ambience. How moment fleets wrapping up a very intimate, family dinner. Then it's time for sweet goodbyes, for we know its gonna take a good significant time before our next fellowship but that’s not before some snapshots for souvenirs. We made our way back to the car homebound while  proceed to last minute shopping with their flight back Sweden the next day.

Retreating the night of endless rain. I reach for a  a bite of mangosteen –while sweetly our picture picture moments come to mind with this rock lullabye