072610 - The Urban Tracker (On SONA) - Coffee Over SONA

I decided to try the Kopiko Brown 3 in 1 Coffee I bought on my way home to Sn Andres from Meralco after paying bills. I have tried a lot of 3-in-1 but this one matches the blend and flavor that my taste looks for I prefer its milder taste than its regular counterpart which has a stronger kick.

Along microwaved pasta soup while funneling pictures to blog, I realize its way past Pnoy’s SONA but I prefer to regret missing the Wildlife For Sale docu show document last night. I decided to postpone my plan to go to Fairview or get stucked in Commonwealth traffic amid SONA.

Too much hullabaloos from earlier SONA as expected picking from the faults of the past admi. It's as if PNoy has no choice but bank on shaming and barking on misdeeds of GMA and her cohorts when he can make a name out of making his OWN measures of governance. It could have made more sense if he barked on the Marcoses who supposedly intimidated their family in the past. But I guess if Cory’s name became the protagonist with Marcoses the villains; then Noynoy needs villains like GMA to give him the same look.

Time has changed, I guess, history repeats itself, the successor will always find fault now but will be in gratitude later. So l I find rather sense in the commercial ad of Sandwich's CafĂ© Puro TVC adapting their popular tune of Betamax , another welcome perk up break.