072010 - The Urban Tracker (In Cavite): Brazilian Musings

I still have another batch of laundries when I switched to FullTime Moms with their guest Nico Maca who sampled an Astrud Gilberto tune. She used to be an R&B singer now she looks more relaxed and natural shifting to Brazilian music. I remember her as a runner-up some years back on singing search reality show. That Brazilian influence of soulful and very suave rhythm of so-called bossa nova or samba was adapted by Sitti since the release of her 2006 "Cafe Bossa" which paved way for other artists like The Company, Agot Isidro to release a bossa album.

In all the covers she did (her "Adia" in Contagion  for me fell flat, it was meant to be a rock song), she rendered them in bossa nova versions with some mainstream pop unexpectedly sounding better like "Lady Wants To Know", "Bridges". That twist resurfaced the jazz/pop audience and gained more followers. Sergio Mendez' "Masquenada" will always sound best done in its samba style even Black Eyed Peas did a good hiphop arrangement.

Also appearing in as a guest is Bessie Badilla, a local dance guru who turned Brazilian Carnival queen. I remember her as a cast in 90’s "Eh Kasi Babae" sitcom. She said she has perennial invitations to take part in Brazil's famous Mardi Gras or just to take part in dance parades and festivals in San Paulo. At 50, she still looks very hot.

But more imminent are the Brazilian personalities who penetrated our local showbiz scene like these debonnaire triumviate Daniel Matsunaga ,Fabio Ide, the brapanese Akihiro Sato.  They were part of this agency that handles Brazilian talents and supplies them as models for high society functions, and their demand increased due to their inexorbitant talent fees and mass appeal.

But probably the most successful of all them is Diana Meneses who has landed a TV spot in Eat Bulaga some years ago in replacement of another Brazilian Arianni and now a well known commercial endorser. Now she is also on couch spot, speaking in a very good Filipino accent and weighing in her plans to file dual citizenship. She has come to embrace the culture, she said, blushing when asked about her current beau, Shivaker, who recently pledged his Filipino citizenship. A capoiera school has opened in Manila while its good to see Diana learning to sing a local tune.