07/18 - Sunday - Rooftop Blow Out

I just can't shake off what I witnessed last night when I went to Pasig  just before dawn  to claim the pillowcasings I had let AJ’s mom customized for me. I ended up as guest in a little blowout at the rooftop for a birthday bash. I got the shock of my life when some teens who appeared to be from aged 10-12 were invited to join.  Its awkward to see these wannabe teens bonding with their juvenile seniors. And later their elder bros initiated the group into drinking and smoking. Oh those juvenile indulgence, I thought while indulging with  chicken adobo by our party host before some shots of strawberry flavored The Bar.

These kids with almost  Justin Bieber's innocence are very precious but I guess it's a little disturbing to see them going thru that curious and restless stage. Its understandable if they are street kids but see in the company of their friends, you can't help them get experimental. But its more unacceptable to see this 2 year old kid smoker before consenting adults.