07/16 - Friday - Call me ED

A letter arrived in Citta this afternoon from Banco De Oro confirming certain account of Mr. Abubacary Dukureh addressed on Citta dated May 20, 2010. The letter is overdue but I remember Ed asking me about my Citta address so he could be allowed to open an account. Is this Ed's real name? Could be or not?

Ed is the name he gave me when I met him sometime this summer in Robinsons Manila . He happens to be a black guy from Gambia but stayed in China for years. He is involved in exports  of beauty products so he was here in Manila looking around for whitening products . All the while I never bothered to ask him his real name. He just simply liked to be called Ed. But one time I caught him using FB, and noticed using different accounts. And now this bank account name is giving me suspicion that he is using another name.

He speaks Mandarin in perfect accent and who does not after living in GuangZhou for 7 years. I remember when we met this Chinese family at Robinson’s condo unit, he talked to the owner in good Chinese accent. I also helped him find a hostel – The Manila Bay Hostel  so he can pay cheaper for his long stay. He could be friendly now and could get mean sometimes. I remember how he scared the cheating money changer in Malate. We eventually became regulars at Kopi Roti or Crepes and Crème helping him get around and exchanging stories and eventually hang out with a Chinese girl from Cebu named Gabe, we became mallrat friends.

The last time I saw him he came in my invitation to judge for my kiteflying event. He was brave enough to travel by himself but  it was a chance for me to take a a picture of him. He already returned in China but he promised to come back. He already got an I Card he told me. He could be black but he is charming with a smile like Will Smith but  he looks more like the lead singer of Lighthouse Family.

Lighthouse Family - Ocean Drive
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