07/13 - Tuesday - Its Complicated

It was good to find Dra. Margarita Holmes this morning on tube explaining the reasons behind “Sawa Factor” of ending relationships. She cited that if either one of the partner is getting bored, or getting tired of being restricted or constricted in a relationship, it’s the warning signs. But one intriguing reason is one’s change of needs or priorities. This is the phase where a partner has to leave a relationship in order to fulfil a dream or he has to leave because the relationship is not helping him achieve the dream.

Dra. Holmes also sum up that we should understand a human need for novelty. That means a person has this complex need of being loved, desired, valued constantly. Some may call themselves “may asim pa” or having syndrome of being desired. And it comes as an excuse to compromise a serious relationship or having polygamous relationships. This is where the danger starts, when one allows this need for novelty to destroy one’s devotion to his family, or married life. There must be something wrong with the person’s character or psychological disorder.

Dra. Holmes shed the light on these now I understand why people post their relationship status as "Its Complicated." And I understand why some people are getting lost in translation, someone out there is waiting and needs to be found. – that’s the rational behind the movie “Lost In Translation”.