07/12 - Monday - Message From A Lost Bird

As I was opening my PC tonight, a small bird hovered in the room looking for a way out and suddenly disappeared. Now its giving me quite a distraction thinking how it got its way inside the house.

I tried looking again for that bird to open the windows so It can fly freely on the wild. That bird must be trapped in some corners. There must be opening somewhere. But that bird appears to be telling something more tonight.

Like that bird, I have to gain liberty.
Love while giving it away is bounding one on time. It can be a trap that can subvert its subject to process of suffering, waiting, sacrificing in such faith and belief.
Like that bird, I have to give up to destiny.
Love never owns our destiny, but its destiny to find its way to define the love we deserve.
Like that bird, I have to be saved from suffocation. In many years of my disillusionment in my past hook-ups I realize that ...
No matter how much you are attracted , like or come to love the person, if your situation does not match, it’s not gonna work.
Like that bird, I have to lose track for a while. And pick my way back and never look back for ...
The past is useless and unchangeable and only in the unpredictable future your place to secure belongs.
Like that bird, I don't know where my home is!