070910 - The Urban Tracker (In Cavite):Infested

There is something wrong with the gardens not at least for today. I notice some of the leaves of my plants are either wilted, sliced, cut or skeletonized for sometime now.

The culprits are these destructive spiky worms and they come in army. I found out they belong to the family of armyworms (Mythimna separata)   and cutworm (Spodoptera litura) with same manifestations. These worms thrive ideally especially during transition from dry to wet season when the soil is in good condition to lay their eggs. Then they start to grow in grassy moist areas and will become mature within 3 weeks after consuming the plants they like.
In my case, they destroy some of my ornamentals, and they even hang out over malunggay tree but spared my gingers. I tried trimming the grasses for the birds to hunt them while they are still small because when they get bigger and spiky, birds tend to distance from them as they look threatening. Using a scissor, I cut each of them as my other option to prevent the damage.. But some areas were not luckier, it already infested some vegetations and destroyed farmlands elsewhere in the Philippines according to news. An interesting resource below can be helpful to control them.