011418: The Urban Tracker (In Manila) Top 10 Most Distinctive 90s Songs Using Sampling


0’s a decade that seen hip-hop and club music evolving in a trend called sampling. 

Sampling is taking out a melody, beat or lyrics from a previous recording and incorporating it as part of a new song material usually applying methods like remixing, repetition or interpolation pattern.

011018: The Urban Tracker (In Manila) Top 10 Male/Female Duet of the 80’s

Your 80s cassette duet hits
very 80’s music fanatic has that ode to a romance - best spoken in the timeless and classic duets by an opposite gender pair that came along the memory of the glorious decade 

011217 - The Urban Tracker (In Bangkok): Top 10 Most Nostalgic 80s English videoke songs

xcluding our local OPM’s, here are 10 of the 80’s most nostalgic English videoke songs most Pinoy would probably key in their 5 pesos or include in their all-time playlist reserves.

These 80’s tunes songs have easily become the top-of-minds due to the easy recall of lyrics and its ability to challenge and satisfy the ever unstoppable Pinoy videoke singing appetite. The song must be original released within 80’s and based on the overall appeal of lyrics, melody, and popularity.