Transition To Tracker

The Urban Tracker started out in 2010 as an experimental pet project with initial format as commentary postings exploring current trends and issues dealing with Pinoy life with its previous title "Sketch Me If You Can". Since this writer is urbanite in orientation and hails from Manila, the idea of shifting the title to The Urban Tracker came eventually. 

In 2011, The Urban Tracker started charting his travels and came to realize the significance of featuring stories of rural interest. His previous work as a field researcher enabled him to explore deeper rural areas and mingle with locals. He found social tourism a worthwhile pursuit in the workings of his field exercise and deemed it more fulfilling and interesting. He unearthed insights, stories of human interest that may be unpopular and unfamiliar and foreseen them as his lifetime contribution to what is general.

The Passion of the Tracker

Thus, it became his passion to write about his encounters and with this documentation, The Urban Tracker hopefully inspires the readers to take a better look on people’s lives elsewhere that can be worth squeezing out and make a statement in the tracker’s writing style and formula of reading engagement. The tracker also features travel thoughts, tips, photo essays that depicts of simple joys on the side. Through the years, the blog is a work of development, or say evolution verging towards search of enlightening thought in any happenings both in rural and urban setting.

As of now, The Urban Tracker’s alter ego is part of the corporate world force and is striving his best balancing act with an enlightened view of timelined encounter in city setting. It maybe event, activity but The Urban Tracker minimizes vanities, shuns materialism but is receptive towards empowerment, advocacy with its non-conformist approach and stance, always forward in uncovering lessons,  magnifying simplicity, essentially heartwarming but most of all doesn't leave you empty.

The Urban Tracker’s area of interest includes music, kiteflying, homestays, backpacking, rural exploring.

The Trackpoint

The Urban Tracker can be your resource and reference in some topics that may concern. The publishing of his work is an outright agreement to use the material explicitly but also recognizes copyright issues in case of reproduction in print, citation, publication in another platform or medium. In such case, due consent and permission is necessary.

The Urban Tracker also exercise veracity of information with accounts based on actual happening without intention to mislead, manufacture or twist information. The Urban Tracker keeps in mind that his writings is a work in progress and without  the monopoly of information that’s why it  is open for any grammatical, contextual correction or editing for any discrepancies, erroneous matters  to come up with at least a convincingly correct if not a decent content.

The blog is personal in nature such that it is not subject to censorship under journalistic terms and conditions unless the blog is a PR of a product, services, merchants, establishments with provided factuals, source format, contexts. Careful verification is observed for PR blogs that requires research, data gathering.

The Track Liner

Enlightenment above encounter is on track for this Pinoy somewherist. My advocacy is to pitch forth human interest and sense the general goodness in life. 

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Thanks! Happy tracking! And Carroll Evans this is all for you!
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