111414: The Urban Tracker (In Makati) :The Low Key Bear Sessionist At Bubba Gump

Bubba Gump's Western format put a cool fab pub ring to hang around patrons.
ubba Gump  is already a time-warping allure of a hangout place amid the promenade climate in Greenbelt 3 alleyway. Diners that night were treated to surprise or goosebumps especially for those who could recognize  Mr. Darryl Shy.

Darryl Shy as unveiled on the sliding door of Bubba Gump
Bubba Gumps logo with a shrimp caricature.
That unmistakable hat for novelty look or that moustache that looks folkloric, he simply appears as a rocker on prime with obvious meztizo feature. But sometime ago this peculiar figure auditioned in The Voice Philippines, many would easily recall his surname Shy - like a dress he wear. He surprised us by choosing Lea instead of Bamboo for a twist perhaps. He made it on the semifinals round but that did not deter his pursuit of music he activated 8 years ago.

The cougar Shy still rocks in the middle of performing circuit.
Accordingly, his rendition of Asin’s Balita on his last appearance in The Voice picked up on Itunes and catapulted the piece to #1. But tonight, ironically he opened up with Tatsulok,  as audience were blanked with how Darryl interpreted a Bamboo piece as his introductory for Storyahe Night’s edition, a live streaming show. He weaved it with the casualty of moment for pub time wasters and the ambivalent diners with some obviously Koreans.

Wine bottles assemble like choirs at Bubba Gump
Sublime message reading between the photo hangings on the walls
In Bubba Gump no graffiti please

Moreover, Bubba Gump worth it owes to its Western inspired elements. From wall decors, photohangings, its all transpiring of a Western pub with its cabin or log frames, fancy, inviting. All the while I thought of ordering a beer but Darryl’s music was much more something that’s worth giving an attention.

Just sheer madness, Everytime Darryl Shy pluck his guitar.
Everytime he pluck his guitar, there’s some kind of pursuit.. or madness perhaps. an irresistible quality that leans on playfulness. Long before, Mr. Shy was already carving a name in Baguio music scene, where his roots took its hold and his arts bloomed. An indie of a kind coming out of his shell has proven that his music genre has naturally its stamp in mainstream.  And I became his sentinel tonight of this raw enticement.

Darryl Shy is not shy to nail effortlessly classics like Danny's Song, OPM and even contemporary hits.

He continued to serenade Greenbelt with his masterpiece Danny’s Song, and gave a new spin of “Ang Pag-Ibig Kong Ito” . What's more astounding was when I tried to request him to do Jason Mraz  “I’m Yours”  and he nailed it so effortlessly yet sounded his own. In the culmination, Daryl plugged his upcoming film to be directed by Joyce Bernal and his new album which includes Home and his last song rendition which was Desperado. 

Plugged in a moment with the shy rock bear. Slow jams in the air.

Talking with Daryl latter over dinner gave me more of a conclusion that with the quality of his country-based 70's sound, so raw and unswayed. I guess it’s gonna be a long time I would encounter his kind tugging between country and rock. So like the diners,I.left Bubba Gump into that good night not without giving Darryl Shy.my thumbs up and hats off.

Relax. Run Forrest Run Bubba Gump
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