021215 The Urban Tracker (In Manila): Top 10 Iconic Androgynous Artist Of The 80's

80's androgyny figures
he roots of androgyny could be traced back in late 70's to early 80’s. With the transition of the era came the diversification in fashion and music. 

Experimentation and self-expression became inevitable, a pronounced pioneering movement. Thus, saw the rise of androgyny, in explicit terms, connoting a fusion of feminism and masculinity in form of behavior, nuances, fashion, a style described as nonconformist, a break away from the stereotype.

In short, androgyny is just a projection intended to portray an image, a branding, or a style meant to discriminate a genre debunking a notion that the subject is supposed to be queer or gay in orientation. A common denominator of this trend is its verging on sensibilities and taste of both sexual tendencies or a switch of both ways that makes them distinctively enigmatic or peculiar.

Here are the top 10 iconic androgynous artists who made a trademark and rose to the peak of their career rising above the challenges of pop era highly saturated by hardcore and infiltrated 80’s with a bang.

10. Pete Burns of Dead or Alive (RIP)

In the mid 80’s, Dead or Alive aced a hit via “You Spin Me Around at the height of British invasion. Pete Burns cross-dressed and flipped arms on that video that complimented his blowered frizzy hair and that pirate eyewear did register a recall and easily ushered Dead Or Alive as another of those shocker hybrids of the 80's.

Androgynous HintsCross-dressing, Heavy makeup, Frazzled Hair, Hand Flip Gestures

9. Grace Jones

Grace Jones had been a peculiar figure in the late seventies with a string of recording hits until she appeared in the bond film that cemented her as an effective iconic villainess in the 80’s. Not to mention her big frame, tall features plus her enigmatic fashion already gave her a strong iron resemblance plus a chiseled poker face. She kept that neat short army haircut plus her no-nonsense attitude making her presence more intimidating but always memorable.

Androgynous Hints: Army Hair Cut, Hard Chiseled Poker Face, Robotic Countenance

8. Vince Neil of Motley Crue

80’s a salad decade with the rise of heavy metal rock bands, Motley Crue’s lead singer thought of dollying up himself with long blonde hair, crafted makeup and accessories that earned him the tag as the most beautiful rocker perhaps following David Lee Roth's antics. Rockers are known for their signature long locks but Vince Neil gave it a softer approach that probably one reason that paved Motley Crue’s enduring success.

Androgynous Hints: Signature Blonde Long Hair, Heavy makeup, Earrings

7. Andy Bell of Erasure

An image of a small town boy who awkwardly dances in gay pubs gave Andy Bell his mark as the other half of Erasure. Portraying that raw moves in the series of videos in a white shirt, denim and blonde boyish typical of small town boy gave those heydays more sensible like their contemporaries Frankie Goes To Hollywood or Bronski Beat.

Androgynous Hints: Signature Gay Dancing Moves in denim and white shirt

6. Philip Oakey of The Human League

This Human League front man composer Philip Oakey intriguing and quirky ways could be his passion for fashion and music. His experimentation of using makeup, deep eyeshadow, and lipstick, earrings coupled with female back up members bannered and gave the group that synth-pop success in the remainder of 80’s.

Androgynous Hints: Heavy makeup, Earrings, Deep Eyeliners, Eye-Shadows and Lipstick

5. Robert Smith of The Cure

Robert Smith took another twist of an image by trailblazing The Cure with that distinctive goth makeup, deep eye set, and a disorganized hair and some ridiculous moves took us to another crossroads in music and fashion improvisation. If not for his antics, The Cure wouldn't go down in history as just another of those rise and fall bands instead they defined 80's music revolution or rather an evolution.

Androgynous Hints: Deep Eye Liners and Eye Shadows, Goth Make-Up, Disorganized Hair, Hand Flips, Emo and Ridiculous Moves

4. David Bowie (RIP)

The evolution of English composer-actor David Bowie starting on the glam rock era as alter ego Iggy Stardust might hold the key to the roots of androgyny in the rock era spanning four decades. In 80’s, he redefined himself neatly in Let’s Dance with the trace of his glam evolution but not departing from his androgynous vulnerability when he came out with Blue Jeans in 1984. If pop experimentation and metrosexuality are the game, David Bowie already did it long before.

Androgynous Hints: Signature Blonde short hair, Fab Dressing

3. Annie Lennox of The Eurhythmics

When Eurythmics stormed the world in the music scene in early 80’s, there’s a distinct contrast portrayed by Annie Lennox who came out neat with short hair and that unassuming look. Annie proved that to come out as a heralded pop female rock star, you don’t have to resort to resort to being ambiguous, flamboyant as her contemporary female rock star. She went on a success as a solo in the 90's, thanks to that boyish contrast.

Androgynous Hints: Short Haircut, Unassuming Hard Face

2. Prince (RIP)

Perhaps the most intriguing and mysterious pop star 80’s have seen could be Prince. This flamboyant pop icon made 80’s his playground on experimenting fashion, music and even moves that earned him his own niche in this ever evolving and challenging music industry. He could be funky in his performance with his moves, dance but his flare for fashion penchant and sav always adheres to his music when he came out in 1984 with When Doves Cry from a movie and an album of the same title. One word to describe - theatrical.

Androgynous Hints: Fashion Experimentation and Flamboyance, Eroticism

1. Boy George of The Culture Club

If there's one figure the pop culture is celebrating about was the reinvention of  George O’ Dowd or better known as Boy George of The Culture Club. It’s so easy to attribute androgyny when one recalls how intricate, outlandish Boy George set himself out in fashion. Unique and in character, that’s the brand that is hard to duplicate even up to now. So in the name of androgyny, (sorry Lady Gaga) Boy George is the exceeding hands-down top of pink pop mind.

Androgynous Hints: Goth Make-Up, Crossdressing, Flamboyant Fashion, Hand Movements

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