112414: The Urban Tracker (In Las Pinas): Dance With My Mother At Villar Hall

Greeting me with awe and high regard, Sanctuario De San Ezekiel Moreno rises out from sprawling Villar place.
eaching 81st year of life or the age of octogenarian for a record is such a milestone existence deserving the gratitude of our tribute. Coming from the stopover on this obviously newly-built church, I would be sharing the same sentiment.

A bystander told me that the sprawling structures were barely two months old yet it’s all standing in glory and majesty in this lax afternoon with soothing balmy air, pine tree dancing gracefully. He told me it's called the Santuario De San Ezekiel Moreno.nearby the Golden Haven which I heard curated by Villar's.

Rolling out in the hall entrance, the celebrant's banner invite.
Just a month ago, I was given an invitation by Mr Joseph Lim, an old friend to take part on this affair. With just moments ticking away, I crossed my way past the spacious streets as the security guard coached me to follow the route at the back where the function halls were zoned. The facade itself was a grandeur, so tantalizing with pocketed gardens by the entrance. Realizing there’s a museum for musing visitors,I immediately asked a receptionist and told me the whole town is called Villar’s place. But more of this spectacle, I would be part of Presentacion Lim’s 81st birthday as posted on announcement board.

View from the Villar hall entrance, pocketed gardens and clean pavements plus a cool post-afternoon breeze.
Checking the venue inside, it seemed to me an engrande event. I sweared last month I would be part of this day as my gift so I set this date and brought a camera – DLSR to do a coverage. So even bypassing a blogging event earlier for this, the place compensated as it came too fantastically-clean, well-maintained, dreamy, so comfy and ideal for a big party.

Getting ready for  the light and sound set-up. The projector board is awesome.
Final touches for table settings, elegant indeed!
Hizon Catering, the official caterer is in the house. Level-up dining is in the air.
Table arrangements were set by the time I checked the reception area. I felt it’s more like a wedding than just a birthday. The words ‘glamorous’, ‘stylish’, ‘edgy’ spoke to mind profusely.  An advanced party from the catering was overseeing the assembly of food holders. They were delegates from Hizon’s, the official caterer. The sound system staff were adjusting their technicalities. I further scoured the place for more of the landscapes and patterns amid the sound of Sitti’s Wave.

A exterior view from an entrance hall. Spaces are relaxing.
Bamboo plants add zen to the spaces.
Desserts are drooling with arrangements.
The mango brulee is tantalizing in the glassed containers.
The venue has an impressive receiving reception  for incoming guest like in a hotel where they could first flash their get-up or glam. Or an air conditioned dressing room at the back where the guest could lay their stuff or do make-up while in wait. And there’s a kitchen area dedicated for the caterer and an open-air alleyway on the side where the food or buffet are aptly placed. Everything's new, so to speak, plus the  restrooms were exceedingly clean. When darkness came,  the lighting effects glared even more.

The guests are starting to fill the seats. Who wants to swing with the chandeliers?
Iconography is in the entrance 
Joseph arrived by 6 when the chandeliers were all lit up. Stationed first in the reception area to assist the deluge of gifts and for some flashy photo opportunity, my longtime friend Bong looked dignified in his green suit as we both manned the incoming guests. I should have brought my green coat, I thought. Then the sounds played signalling that the party started.The photo booth already set up in the entrance for anytime guests would have their shots.

Gift cards messages, fashionable and personalized.
And the guests poured in one after another with the gifts that just kept on rolling. The photobooth courtesy of Iconography was already crowded with friends, families who wanted to have a slice of sweet memento. Even the oldies gamely participated and seemed more fond with the hat-themed photobooth. Not bad at all for 3,500 for 2 hours.

Wellwishers assemble in the open-air dining motiff with Hizon's server in uniform.
The food is appetizing and oozingly delicious. Thumb's up for Hizon's!
Joseph opened the program confessing to the crowd that his mom didn’t knew this was coming. It was a plot. His mom knew all along she was invited to a wedding reception, and she had a grand surprise when its announced it’s for her 81st bday. Then the reception followed in an elegantly fashioned buffet setting with server dressed as chef. Credit the elegant mood of that night to the lighting and set-up that blended and conformed well plus the food that's gastronomically delighting for a raise to a high-end fine dining standard. What’s more appetizing were the ensemble of desserts which really made everyone go bon appetit.

Presenting the birthday celebrant on the spot, Mrs Lim
All praises and love in honor of beloved Mrs. Lim
The mother celebrant taking the first slice of the cake.
So the program for the celebrant carried on with surprise numbers from the grandchildren and wishes from sons and daughter. I was helplessly remembering my mom that moment.  My friend Joseph really melted my heart and  inspired me a significant message that a love for our mother is something very powerful that occasion like this is a proof of thankfulness and gratitude to the sacrifices by them. 

Surprise numbers from well-wishers
The more touching part was every guy from the relative camp took turns to  dance one after the other. Mrs. Lim seemed oblivious of what’s happening with  her memories obviously escaping her.

The first dance with grandson.
A courtesy dance from a long-time friend
It's such a privilege to dance our mother in her honor.
To dance our beloved mother in her golden years is a celebration of her survival, and a memorial of gratitude to all the sacrifices and feats she went thru while she’s alive and can sense all these. I felt so proud to gain that revelation that we all have to pay homage, respect and offer the best of love while time is kind enough to permit our mother like Mrs. Lim to accomplish her mission on earth.

As midnight deepened, something so romantic was bursting in the air looking outside.
Souvenir giveaways await the wellwishers laid beside the fondant cake.
A bouquet of flowers is radiant in multi-colors.
I guess the bouquet of flowers said it all. Tthe best token being a part of such celebration was bearing this reflection that given a value added services of that occasion, nothing was more valuable  than making our mother felt her overall significance. More than just a bouquet of flowers, our mother is someone who's gonna bloom in our hearts even in her twilight years.
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