120812 - The Urban Tracker (In Cavite) : Gadgeted Troopers in Harrell Horne

The Harrell Horne 19th Foundation with the school's entrance nameplate.
ike all eager beavers, there's a kind of hush and rush going to Harrell Horne Integrated School's 19th Foundation in Bahayang Pagasa Bacoor. All shook up to witness the school field day performance of their kids by star-crossed, gadget-ready parents.

My nephew posing for a shot while in rehearsal.
My son's happy to see me as I barged inside the classroom while he's trading face and poking fun with his classmates with teacher aide restraining and persuading them to listen for the last briefing of their numbers. In uniform, blue shirt for boys - yellow shirt for girls, both white shorts and sneakers, with umbrella and blue scarf as props. The other kids outside were all getting ready when a voice from megaphone announced the program was about to start.  

My nephew along with kid revelers executing their field number.
It's past 2 pm and everybody gathered now at school gym where everyone's waiting when the kids from nursery marched to kick off the program. Parents  all set up and in raves wielding their gorgeous gadgets were given a 2 min break to take pictures after each kid's level numbers. With grade 1's turn  to march the field where my nephew belongs, they exploded as soon as Let's Get Loud tune played, opening the umbrella followed by 80's medley like Mickey, Buttercup. The school's theme of the year were music throughout the decades featuring popular tunes danced and performed from preschool to high school level.   

Native huts were filled up as kids and parents stood by.
As soon as Grade 1 finished their number, I pulled out my nephew from the pack for a needed break in school cafeteria. There's a native hut for everyone's respite with fiesta overhangs to inspire a special day for everyone. On school ground, high school students were still in queue waiting for their number. After some brief exchange with other parents, we decided not to wait until 6 PM and headed home. My nephew in all smiles and seemed contented with what happened especially with my appearance.

Festoons hang above the school gardens.
Kids assemble in line for the next number.
Any parent or guardian would love to be a part and spare time to grace an event especially if their kid is part of it. It's like a carnival seeing the parents in fan mode with their dearly beloved little counterparts. Outside the school gate hanged a banner showing a group who would be a special guest of the school later that evening  - the up and coming KPop group JMORNING BAND which I heard performed in Wiltime Bigtime. but we made enough of happiness and time kicking in with glee and bonding after that field day event.

The up and coming J Morning K Rock Band culminates the evening show.
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