121812 The Urban Tracker (In Manila): Eat's a Deal at Pedro Gil

A sit-down lunch is our option in this afternoon rendezvous with a friend with some piece of good news. She just rushed from Manila Hotel and brave the traffic to get here at Pedro Gil and we chanced upon a familiar eatery with a new tradename - Kusinerong Pinoy Eatery. This used to have a former name of Braiders Eatery and the unexpected turn happens.

There goes Jose, a friend from the past. surfacing as the owner of the eatery which just changed its name. Jose is the head proprietor of this eatery for more than five years now who replaced the name for a restart. Today my visitor and I will be having a sumptous lunch as we sit down in Jose's  place with an obvious native reformat.

PhotobucketMy lunch proceeded as we order of sinigang na baboy, binagoongang talong, ginataang kalabasa, and the agenda with my visitor fizzled for a while to give way for casual catch up with Jose. Jose told me about the eventual closure of his recent venture - a commercial and rice market stall in Paco. He now sticks to a venture where he originally belongs - a small carinderia with a format of variety of mouth-watering viand selections. He flashed his menu for the day in mirrored stand for visual appeal to his customers.

PhotobucketHis location that is very commercialized and strategic a big factor to his bulk take-out scheme.I know he wouldn't give up this 10 square meter space that is a witness to his rise in this business. I notice some few change in interiors which is covered with bamboo mats and frames which gives it a native lift. But the most distinct display is his Sto. Nino image which he give credit and thanks for all the blessings.

My brief talk with my meet up has gone smooth after a satisfying lunch. Its bye time for now with my visitor and so for Jose, whom I wish a happy trip. Some meets have to happen I guess in some crossmeets.

Kusinerong Pinoy is located beside Baliuag Lechon across 711 Main corner Pedro Gil Paco Manila.


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