110112 The Urban Tracker (In Makati): Justice For A Fallen Friend In South Cem

Like other kindred spirits, I joined the itinerant troop in visiting the tombs of those who dearly departed in Manila South Cemetery. From the entrance, we have to hurdle the colliding crowd and the gusting air - the gigantic old trees from the entrance serve as guardwatch as we inch towards alleyways - which leads more to a maze.

We had to beat the daybreak before darkness make it more tasking to round up all of our target spots. MSC is overlooking the skyline construction of Makati prime business district, yet inside this piece of land it's like a pilgrimage. The alphabet named streets can be misleading if you are not familiar.

Our group found our first spot after an obstacle of circuting alleyways, searching thru countless names and hopping from one compartment to another - some comes in apartment type, some roofed and caged, some in unpainted condition or nearly forgotten. After our brief whispers and prayers for the spirits, we planted candles in awe and respect. Some brief talks follow, and we bring out our snacks and drinks to share and wallow our time..then the vigil repeats in another spot. Darkness now subdue our search but despite the confusion in the midst we manage to locate the tomb of our recently ill-fated friend Alvin Manaay.

PhotobucketHis death is untimely morbid as he was killed by a gun-tripping criminal in the crossalleys of Arellano St.  in the early morning of August 20, just hours before that we were together in a fiesta program. He was regaling the crowd that fiesta eve as we his friends sat on as his chosen judges for that night's dance and impersonation contest. Everyone had a shock when we learned that around 6 AM that day he was senselessly killed by a head gunshot. I had to wake up that morning in the hospital and had the gall to tell his family about the tragedy.

We remember our beloved Alvin's death not only as a reminder that life is too short, that we have to be generous in giving happiness to each other. I owe him significant thanks for the times shared and I join in the cry for justice for Alvin Manaay that soon this criminal  which is still on the loose face the law's consequence for the emptiness he left for his family and to us, his friends.


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