070712 - The Urban Tracker (In Pampanga): Pasilio Toblerone In Dau Terminal Mall

An unsuspecting tarpaulin hangs above the Mabalacat arch

n that fateful last day in Pampanga marked the official and formal recognition of Mabalacat as a city. 

The recognition was long overdue with the invasive commercial and trade starting from the famous Dau Terminal known as, the gateway to northern Luzon and the transfer point into Clark Economic Zone. Ripe and prime not to mention its accessibility to the nightlife action in the downtown Fields Avenue which Angeles got its tag as the city of angels.

Wellwishers on parade for Mabalacat's cityhood
Traffic was usually moderate in this area especially along McArthur Highway but that morning its bottleneck. A parade was taking place with a convoy of private and public vehicles with well-wishers waving flags and in uniform. A fellow passenger told me the locals of Mabalacat was celebrating its 1st class cityhood. So while the rest were caught up watching the passing of parade, I decided to push my spot after few footsteps in Tarcan to Dau Terminal for my first pit stop.

Pasilio Toblerone in Grand Terminal Mall
Most buses bound northern Luzon or vice versa take their stopover in Dau Terminal for passenger’s quick break for a snack or quick purchases of native goodies. My conclusion of a brief sneak of the nearby Grand Terminal Mall convinced me it needed a rehabilitation. The mall has a weird arrangement of eateries in between cell phone accessories stores and general merchandise. Like Divisoria malls, Grand Terminal Mall also named its alleys as Pasilios. What’s more intriguing was when I hit upon a Pasilio with a name - Pasilio Toblerone. I would freak out if there’s anything like Pasilio Snickers or Pasilio Babe Ruth, but glad there’s none. 

Lifesize paper mache greet motorists on the way to Dau Terminal
Crossing the lane to the opposite was Jenra Mall - this localized mall with branches all over Pampanga is bigger than the ones in downtown Angeles and in San Fernando -. a more organized and updated as compared to the dilapidated Grand Terminal Mall.  Following the trail that took me into the interiors of  Duhat, a springing neighborhood on the edge of North Expressway when I noticed these life-size characters of movie characters. They were after all paper mache sold to motorists and they were really head turners especially Shrek.

SM Hypermarket in Camachile 
Mabalacat as I reached the area of Camachile was obviously saturated with so much commercialization. A big SM Hypermart branch was sprawling here, and all I could think of was the presence of this mall only proves Mabalacat’s power of spending. No wonder Mabalacat was generating income from these malls and other perky businesses that declaring Mabalacat to cityhood was already reached its due.                                                     
SM Clark is part of Malabanas not Clark Zone.
Like everyone, I took a comfortable walk going to SM Clark from the arch border. But wondering whether SM Clark is either part of Balibago or Clark Special Economic Zone, to verify this I needed to purchase an item from SM Clark and the receipt came with an answer. SM Clark, is part of Malabanas, as the address pointed but adapting Clark on its name. But anyway, I was here to meet a friend and for dinner. With so many SM I went to, SM Clark didn’t disappoint me when it comes to being organized, maximizing its spaces especially the Cyberzone Section. Not too big, just well enough to do squaring off in 2-3 hours.

My bags were already packed waiting for me on the home base and it’s ready to be brought back to Dau terminal to board a bus going to Dagupan Pangasinan. As the bus left the terminal, my stirring thoughts came alive with that Pasilio Toblerone, perhaps to give me a sweet regard for today's Mabalacat cityhood.
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