070312 - The Urban Tracker (In Pampanga): 120 Sulit SuperChicken Over Sisig In San Jose

Rain-drenched McArthur Avenue in one Angeles City morning.
or past few days, there's an uneasiness that's either about me or about Angeles City. 

I knew there's something missing. It’s about a haunting taste and a place that's part of a memory, a home to a specialty - it’s the appetizing sisig, cooked the original Pampanga style.

i ran at super 8 for drizzling morn in stodomingo
Super 8 in San Jose is a welcome addition to Angeles commercialization.
It’s here in Angeles that sisig took its roots courtesy of Aling Lucing according to an urban legend who unfortunately met her tragic end. Somebody tipped me it’s somewhere in Downtown but for other reasons, it didn’t surface my mind the past few days due to rains so unstoppable limiting my outdoor activities.

as thin as snow a fancy cantten in front of Angeles University
Sat down for lunch at As Thin As A Snow, a student meal-to-go outlet in front of Angeles University.
Like the other day, I was stuck for hours despite wielding an umbrella in Bgy Lourdes Northwest from Super 8  after heavy rains kept me at bay in Northwest Areas. I was running along with other students of Angeles University chasing a break at their favorite hang out fronting the school. I chanced upon a cool mini cafeteria with a chilling name AS THIN AS SNOW with cool shake drinks as their main entree. Taking the lechon kawali student meal for a lunch, it's then I realized the cravings for that elusive sisig returning to me.

 photo DSCN6913.jpg
The bronzed statue of Ninoy Aquino, a motorist turner in Mirasol 
The next day I was somewhere all over Angeles corners. First, I was standing in front of bronzed Ninoy Aquino statue in  Mirasol by bright daylight. The next, I managed to get into the interiors of Amsic where I got lost in the circuit of alleys with children playing hide and seek. With rains pounding again, I found myself bluffed inside the creepy Angeles Public Market.

 photo DSCN6915.jpg
The Family Theatre, once the popular downtown movie house now became a ghost place.
 photo DSCN6916.jpg
In one interior of Amsic, children playing hide and seek
 photo DSCN6914.jpg
Lourdes Northwest Market is one of the series of the interconnecting public market in downtown Angeles.
Crossing Lourdes Northwest was an abandoned theater, once a location shoot of an indie film. And before the day was over, I made it in one of the network of a public market that's becoming crowded at dawn. A bazaar was happening as organized by the local government where shoppers started flocking for bargains as the attendance peaked until darkness unfolded.

 photo DSCN6923.jpg
Duman, a popular Pampanga delicacy
I hit upon an old woman selling some kind of greenish thing - a kind of a rice delicacy. The woman told me it's called - duman - a Pampanga specialty using green glutinous rice or pinipig. I snacked it on while I roamed around, then de ja vu happened. I found the exact place where Aling Lucing's Sisigan was situated. It's in the part of Agapito del Rosario but had to forego the opportunity with the rains gaining ground. 

 photo DSCN6909.jpg
Beksan 99 one of the sprouting grills in San Jose area 
I could have not let that chance passed by to savor that missing sisig and ended the cravings. Instead, I found a grill house in San Jose main road with an intriguing price tag of 120 for the whole chicken. The grill sign read Beksan 99. The taste was not at all disappointing. In fact, it's finely tuned and I noticed most customers were passing motorists on their stopover hunger.  Beksan 99 dissolved my sisig cravings especially eating it on the grill spot with it’s kicking explosion of chili side dip. On that note, another food memory rested with me counting my days in Angeles City.

 photo DSCN6908.jpg
Beksan 99 Grill's 120 chicken is a jackpot day ender meal
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