070212 The Urban Tracker (In Pampanga): Angels By Daylight In Field's Avenue

Billboards are eye catchers in Malabanas main highway.
here's something about the air in Angeles pulling closer as if angel whispered. For all I know Balibago is the hub of the bar lights and its angels attributing Angeles as a red-light district. 

So wondering how these angels looked like in a broad daylight? It all started today by ogling on Kris Aquino billboard that overshadowed a carnival Ferriss Wheel in Malabanas Rotonda

Dark skies threaten the busy Malabanas Rotonda 
From Malabanas Rotonda, my trek began with an intriguing thought about those bar joints where business goes usual to cater with the regulars. I heard Americans are no longer the long time main patrons here but are exceeded by Koreans, Russians, and even Malaysians. So there's a roll of ethnicity going on that side while I wondered this  Kapampangan battlecry that reads "AGYUTAMU" as I crossed the highway on busy Malabanas circle.

view odf Arayat via Mcarthurbridge Balibago
Arayat mountain view by Malabanas river
From across the Malabanas bridge, there's the Arayat mountain skyscraping kissing the clouds from the distance over the view of Balibago river below with neighborhoods dotting the banks. The winds were hissing as I gained ground in Malabanas premises with the sight of Robinson's Angeles along the McArthur Highway. There's a sheer commercial atmosphere once you continued along the highway that you realized you're heading the district of noise, crowd, smoke with all its pacing and shifting.

Smoky hot grill action in McArthur Highway
Passing by was a convent church along the highway, The Immaculate Conception Parish camouflaging a school and a dorm inside. The grilling action was rolling for the chicken lechon grill by the smoky sidewalk. By the time I reached the end before the entrance to Clark, where so many people crossing the streets and traffic enforcers charging vehicle flows, the angels were among the crowd sashaying and you could tell it immediately what they were up to.

Local and foreign seekers, peddlers, mendicants make up the thrill that is Field's Avenue.
Field's venue was where the angels headed with the street where pulsing in business. Stepping ahead, there were girls in striking make-up, highlighted lipsticks, some look young to wear one, some taking a road test with their sexy skimpy outfits and some balancing in their stilettos teeming among others and they race disappearing among the doors. It's as if Santa Claus in black or white, with big bellies and moustached, brusque, burly, hunks or country chasers were lurking among the corners in wait to pounce on their prey.

Welcome aboard Koreans..they got a bar in Field's Avenue.
This Buddha-inspired facade is what remains of a defunct club
An old house transformed into black-painted bar named Genesis.
These target hunters were all walking on this stretch of Fields Avenue either surveying, having a day, talking over a beer among the tainted mirrors. The streets literally a carnival with all these seekers joined by street peddlers, mendicants. There were also street flaggers luring a potential client by taking their prospect to a glimpse and some gimmicks like the buy 1, take 1; special offers just to keep customers flowing inside. Even what used to be an old house was  magically transformed into clubs and obviously conceptualized by an expat mind.

Clubs must take a fashion and motiff like this one to attract attention and level competition.
A cobra adds to the glamour and architecture of this club.
Themed clubs like Tropix are delights fr Joes, Koreans, Malaysians who are usual folks here.
The front receptionists are the first to hook up with probing customers by letting them a short glimpse of what's inside
Clubs here must take on a fashion spin and motif to get its niche on the competition. Themed clubs lured the likes of Malaysians, Koreans and mostly the Joes. The more a bar offered like a menu board of its featured belles, the more it would attract crowds all through the night. It's  Field's Avenue, a hideaway for those who know and read the sign right: PICTURES ARE NOT ALLOWED HERE PLS. 

A quaint European-styled Bed and Breakfast in full swing
Beds and Breakfast hotels are welcome additions to the sprouting structures here. Anyway, It's easy to get impressed with its designs and splendid architecture to make their clients feel in touch with art and home. And in between, there were struggling small stores that sell garments, fashion accessories and pawnshops, money changers, tattoo shops, mobile accessories, and even motor rentals.

The beauty of Grand Central in Field's Avenue summarizes grandeur of design and architecture.
They all cropped up here to contribute to the glamor and hoopla of this area that compensates to its inner and unseen exploits even in broad daylight. What's more when darkness kicked in?  But one thankful thing here being stuck in sidewalk or in nearby bars, check your Wi-Fi connections and they all come from the bars and joints from all around without passwords. Just make sure it's smartphone you bring with you.
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