072112 The Urban Tracker (In Baguio): The Runway Posers of Loakan Airport

n Baguio, FX taxi is prevailing to be the most convenient and popular mode of transportation. 

With Baguio's signature rugged terrain, FX stood the better chance of penetrating even the edge of the remote villages that explains the scarcity of padyak or tricycles in this summer capital 

Drenched in SM Bayanihan section, it's an allure to see native goods explode here.
That's a wild insight while I  was waiting for my group to pick me up in Bayanihan section of SM Baguio, which interestingly appeared with a  line up of stalls featuring collectible items for a fellow in souvenir hunt. Time passed with rains and a load of baggage I carry kept me burdened. So I opted to wait and count the number of times I came in Baguio, those erratic images, but in the end, I wondered if  Robinson's have one here. But there's one thing I realized after the wait with all the people coming in and out of the entrance, the Koreans indeed invaded Baguio and their faces dominated the shoppers in SM.

Passing Panagbenga Park welcome on our way to Kennon Road.
At last, my group came around to pick me up and helped my baggage get hauled inside an FX taxi. For a 30 flag rate, FX taxi in Baguio is cheaper and ideal transport mode with non-toxic drivers for sure compared to Manila's. We were going to Loakan side for a 30-minute ride for my next home for few days. We chose the easier route traversing the Kennon Road, after passing by the Panagbenga Park.

The old arch of the Loakan Airport
The arch of Loakan Airport appeared before crossing the now defunct airport to the other side where another village sat where our dorm is based. I never heard a word of complaint from the driver as we crossed the runway and by the time we unloaded, he politely offered to help and returned our change. That made it more fun and comfortable arrival despite the maze of eskinita in our uphill ascent. At last, we arrived in our home base despite these relentless rains.

Small pine trees grow wildly in the neighborhood backyard of Loakan.
After a brief rest and bed fix, our unrest for some coffee and food supplies took us outside. It's time to possess Loakan as we browsed a good point of view of the neighborhood and enjoyed the stretch of once operational Loakan Airport.

Flower blooms are an ordinary sight in one Loakan street.
Down from the alleyways to the main street, it's just ordinary for the pines to grow somewhere on the cracks and crevices of the street walls. Even delighting were the flowers that bloom somewhere from straying plants. No one was giving it attention than us whose bursting innocent behavior gave it a loving appreciation for they grow freely, undisturbed, charming and lovely.

Majestic mountain view on Loakan Airport as clouds clear out.
The scent of freedom blossoms in the runway.
Not so long ago, a plane crash forced the closure of the airport for safety reasons that explains its non-operational state. Uniformed huts from distance used to be airports waiting shed but some helicopter like the one in view still could make a landing here. But that did not stop my mates to continue the reign of innocence and tripping and reduced the big runway to a catwalk, striking a pose as if they found nirvana with the backdrop of the majestic mountain view of Loakan.  But that's just for a sheer moment when fogs immediately curtained it again.

A one-stop store is a familiar neighborhood sight in Baguio
The rains trickled again and stole the show. We were slowed down to play hide and seek with the rain until we reached those one-stop stalls for our grocery needs and dinner selection. A one-stop comfort store like this one usually carries grocery items, load, and of course, the ubiquitous vegetables. In Baguio, these stores are a great convenience as there's a chance you can find one in the neighborhood in the name of accessibility and necessity. When I saw the Baguio signature cabbage, I grabbed one and came out an idea which dish to cook one for tonight.
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