062612 - The Urban Tracker (In Pampanga): Sweet Smell of Grasses In Telapayong

Saluyot or jute leaves an exotic dish inside Arayat arket
rying the exotic viand of saluyot or jute leaves and bamboo shoots  in one eatery inside Arayat market was after all palateable and appetizing coupled with the authentic and crunchy biruyang okoy  with garnished kamote strips and chunks of bite-sized shrimps! 

My first day in Arayat was marked not only by indulging my appetite but testing how the rural action ran around here.

Buensuceso's marker in welcome sight
With overlooking view of the majestic Mount Arayat. we threw ourselves on the farthest barangay - Buensuceso, the last cut to another town of Magalang. Though the sun's heat thickening and hovering the air, the people were welcoming in this part. The trek started along the highway with a smell of sweet grass before the distant Arayat mountainview the moment clouds cleared out. The town had a sleepy feel but its landscape was totally invigorating.

Wild mushroom outgrowth along the highway
Plastic wares peddled around by tricycle
Reaching the part of Telapayong, there were more visible activities around the corner. Telapayong is already a weird of a name but more peculiarities came here. Grasses and farms stretching out from afar, greens everywhere but farm animals seemed in hiding. There's a big mushroom outgrowth clinging along the road that kept us drooled. And from the highway came a tricycle, bearing plastic wares which were being peddled around the neighborhood. The beasts of burden must be lying in somewhere among the deeper farms.

Betis works are alive with abundance of mountain woods
We reached the woodcrafts section of Telapayong.  an active industry in Pampanga. Pampanga is popular when it comes to  Betis woodworks. The steady and abundant wood supply it owed to the forest mountains. Highway shops dotted the main road with furniture, door workshops. There's row of big street bamboo sweeper of thicker strands sold among little stores here.

Bamboo sweeper being sold in one highway shop
By the time we concluded our count, the farms could be safely said to be fertile and productive, the wind blew leaving a sweet smell of moist of soil and grasses, yet so far, the view of Arayat in Telapayong was much clearer here where you could see the outlines of the mountain when the clouds momentarily exposed them.

Mt. Arayat as the skies momentarily clear out
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