062212 The Urban Tracker (In Pampanga): The Juvenile Fry Catchers In Malpitik

A prayers whispered in passing by the Maimpis chapel

assing by the Maimpis chapel this morning, hoping for the kind destiny in coming days. 2 days ago we arrived here with the reverse of luck pushing us to settle on our somewhat inconvenient state. But then our fate had yet to be seen with more of our ordeal on the days to come.

Sauteed raddish in onion is a wow dish after all.
The moment I saw this raddish sauteed in onion, I had to order it immediately to see how this Kapampangan delicacy would kick on taste buds. I'd never seen a raddish as a main ingredient of a dish but this one came too enigmatic that made it appealing. And my verdict was  superb one and a real blast for vegetarians. Over the meal, we were recounting our  past days observation in this typical neighborhood eatery in Maimpis.-The jueteng win, the Pulilan drama, the action-packed race with the SFDO wheelers.

Entering Calulut with a sign entry to a subdivision
On field that afternoon, my partner and I were combing the interiors of Sindalan to make our way to Bulaon. We reached the first lap of Calulut with this welcome sign. A local passerby told us that there's a resettlement community 2 kilometers away from our stead and in another interior. That is Northville 14 resettlement for the record so we considered a tricycle transfer. We descended first in Northville market, a newly built structure still in its soft opening but few stalls managed to open and conduct business like the plastic wares that came in delightful assembly of shapes and colors.

Some plastic homewares are colorful sights in Northville resettlement market
From queries with market peeps we learned that Northville happens to be a resettlement community of displaced  illegal settlers once living in Pulung Bulu or in another town. Along with National Housing Authority, Northville was constructed as a city government project to provide decent homes for some families who worked in nearby plants, factories built by big companies expanding their industry here. We decided to go to the cross-section of the neighborhood and realized the breadth of the project. People in the relocation however here expressed help for more health services and some issues like the house ownership to ensure their stable condition to keep the community intact. Thinking about that brought us into another territory of Bulaon.

Slipping inside Bulaon Resettlement Market smells of old typical market
Life in Bulaon could be very well summarized in its old, rustic Bulaon Market renamed as Bulaon Resettlement Market. Real action ran high in this market although yet to be renovated, but business as usual for market people with their smiles and come-ons.

Locally made slippers and shoes by Aguas craftsmanship;
Salon camouflaging inside this cellphone repair stand
There's something in this market that I felt I needed to give a look around. It didn't fail to amuse me in some degree especially when I realized that craftsmanship could still take roots here - like footwear costumizer shop courtesy of Aguas Shoes & Leather Craft. Their products and designs were well-crafted and could compete in market in closer look. I also noticed the long and clustered alignment of business in Bulaon main road. This one shop was confusing as it had a sign of a beauty salon but in front there's a cellphone stand that's actually a cellphone shop. 

Lotto in a bamboo hut in Bulaon main road
In another instance, there's a funeral with a name that's out of its element - Peter Pan funeral. But the most interesting of all was a lotto outlet disguising as a sari-sari store with sawali format. I found out this happened to be a smalltown  lottery  version operated by PCSO. 

The playground in the circle of Bulaon    
With all that oddity only made Bulaon a real worth walking around aside from the locals who were warmly enterprising. The walk to the stretch of Bulaon this time took us in a wonderland on what people here call the circle of Bulaon. Bulaon's tribute to its glory were inscribed in one of its landmark in the middle where in a few distance playground came into view standing in a well-maintained park in all corners. How I admire the locals here for coming up with this charming arrangement and if time would allow, I gave the people behind this promising smalltown a standing ovation for their well-organized and very clean surrounding.

Kids in hunt to catch for fries in Malpitik
For our final leg, we  traced our path out of Bulaon by finding ourself in the crossroads of Malpitik. The people of Bulaon had given us directions which to pass by until we ended up in TPKI St. with an early epal campaign sign. Somebody told us we're in Malpitik after asking and  the waiting game for the ride back home began. That's when we noticed the kids on the shallow streams busy hunting for something. When we asked them, the kids were in cautious position trying to grab  for that school of  fries. Fries are small juvenile fishes I used to be guilty of hunting as a child. As expected, I knew the boys were catching them to feed their hungry aquarium fishes, not just for a mere fantasy. Their patience stood still in the heat of the sun  until we took a tricycle homeward bound with my mind playing among those childhood indulgence.
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