062112 The Urban Tracker (In Pampanga) Baliti Resort Sneak Peek

Spooky story behind this old cabinet

his cabinet - obviously a vintage antique cabinet was a reminder of ill-fated memories along with a sala set and remaining piece, the house was almost bare. 

Our house host recounted that his mother died of a long illness in this place. But there's no reason for us to get spooked after learning further of the tales.

Essel Supermarket on the spot
We made a choice settle in this place since the offer for 2k a week was cheap for the 6 of us. But then, we needed to endure sleeping in a mat and foam from the sala set. Anyway, 7 days was just enough period to pass and survive the inconvenience. So this marked our first day in San Fernando. We made our early start by finding a nearby eatery serving some local kind of food.

Crunchy dulong omelet in one Maimpis eatery
A nearby eatery in Maimpis served this tortang dulong or dulong omelet or silverfish omelet. Dulong is actually small fishes called silverfish which comes rough and crunchy in texture when eaten fried.
An Eiffel Tower structure copycat stands outside Essel Supermarket
Order of the day started at Telebastagan into the interiors of Baliti. The heat was already scorching as we unloaded by the terminal of Telebastagan with the first stop at Essel Supermarket. In the parking lot, a bizarre-looking structure an Eiffel tower marker replica gave a Paris feel.
Baliti Resort's entrance
After an almost hour stint inside the interiors of Bgys. Panipuan and Malino, we were now headed to Baliti area. Treading the stretch, we pit stopped to one of the resorts located in the area which is the Baliti resort. From the entrance, the owner met us and took us inside welcomingly.

It's all blue in Baliti Resort in an afternoon ocular.
The owner proudly described the area to us with its large pool - entrance 70 per head overnight, rooms at 1,500, cottage starts at 300.
A lady peddler on the wheels
Heat defying ice candy - papaya flavor
From Baliti sidewalk, the lady padyak driver came to a halt peddling an ice candy after hailing her to see what she had to offer for a break. She brought out a thirst quenching ice candy. The one with papaya chunks inside was curiously inviting. It’s nice to have a roll on one in defense of the heated afternoon.

Our temporary boarding house that looks like a school in Maimpis
Back in our rented place in Maimpis, we bonded before twilight arrived sharing stories over coffee from the day's roundabout. The front view of our place in Maimpis from outside seemed to be an impression of a classroom from typical elementary schools. We toasted with glee over our coffee, over all the things to conquer for so many intriguing things to find elsewhere and more in Pampanga.
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