062812 - The Urban Tracker (In Pampanga): The Silveria In Camba

View of Arayat on the side of Buensuceso
rom the main city proper, the mountain of Arayat had been a useful reference to gauge the weather and our distance. 

At one point, I thought it's playing us up by getting lost in our way and the next time finding our way out as if guiding us out. We've gone to some farthest or innermost corners in Arayat but  the probabilities kept us excited of unknown and high regard of the natural formation.

Native hand-made bands sold at Php 5 in Suclayin.
We started our inner venture beside a school in Suclayin where a map pointed us a way to San Marcos. Passing by a school, there's one store where juvenile students were prying into one of its merchandise. I took a look myself and found it selling varieties of accessories like native friendship bands, and fashion necklaces. The guy attendant himself was busy tinkering something when I asked for its price a piece. When I learned it's 5 pesos,  I took 6 pieces for my take-home souvenir.

A chapel on the sunken side of the road in San Marcos
That's when somebody tipped that we needed a special ride to San Marcos a further on our way. After passing the endless rice fields, we were brought down to a noiseless smalltown. Even in some remote barangays, there's either a barangay hall or a local church as a starting point of reference. The local chapel of San Marcos looked radiant despite drenched in wetness.

A lone cart vendor selling street foods in wait for the school dismissal in Candating.
There were not many locals to talk as the streets were empty. We pushed  to advance to the next barangay of Candating as the Arayat mystical feeling was sweeping even in this farther side. The mountain stood in its might in the distance while we were tackling the wet roads rendered muddy and murky by rains. So after a kilometer walk, Candating came in. Candating is the last of the barangay on the edge of the river bordering into Candaba area or part of Mexico. Candating was less sleepy with at least some street activity. It was such a relief to see a cart vendor here on standby and later on got swarmed with students of the nearby school.

Silveria, a crossbreed fish in Camba found in rivers and streams running around Mt. Arayat
Abandoning Candating to get into the main highway that is part of Camba, it's here we found one kind of fish being sold along the highway that looked so familiar but confusing. It's like a crossbreed of milkfish (bangus) and dalagang bukid but a vendor told me it's one kind of fish that could only be found in the rivers around Arayat. They call it Silveria. Well, I didn't bother to ask why Silveria for a name but the vendor offered me 50 pesos per kilo of this endemic fish. I wanted to buy one as I thought it's wonderful for sinigang but then I didn't bring my backpack to check it in.

It's fiesta after all in nearby San Pablo town
We learned the buzz from some passerby of an ongoing parade for a fiesta in San Pablo that could trap us into traffic as we boarded a jeep back to San Fernando. On our way back, it was indeed festive in the nearby town of San Pablo observing its fiesta this afternoon as we caught the action passing by.

The 4-sided landmark leading to the towns of San Juan, San Simon, Sta. Ana and San Pablo.
My partner and I decided to spend our dinner in a Savory restaurant in SM San Fernando and along the ride, I finally caught a shot of this famous 4-sided landmark facing the avenues going to San Juan, San Simon. Sta Ana, San Pablo.
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