081710 – The Urban Tracker (In Manila) – 1 Peso Finds! In Divisoria

“1 Peso Only!” and crowd swells instantly in the sidewalk corner sale. Only in Divisoria I heard about these and I have joined the urge of curious folks to shop escapade. There are some in good condition and useful, but for 1 peso somehow you wouldn’t mind, it's done in finders keepers.

Carrot-shaped food sealers for 1 peso apiece, nice kitchen idea
Impressive cellphone lanyard, at one peso, so unbelievably true!
A beaded ID lanyard is worth more than a peso
These green colored keychain goes well as bag accessory, cool find at one peso
One peso pencil sharpener, not bad at one peso and so
Carry these! Bunch of nail files at one peso
I got what I believed was enough. Earlier I already scanned for party balloons inside Divisoria Mall while in nearby street I managed to canvass for the steamers, fryers and other cooking gadgets which I'm coming back for its cheaper cost. Only those with perseverance and endurance thru the maze of Divisoria I guess are luckier.
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