071010 - The Urban Tracker (In Cavite): Balinsasayaw Binge

This day its supposed to be a thrilling and sentimental gathering of my family for it’s the first time we will be going out-of-town to an unknown spot to double celebrate the birthday of my sisters. After pitstopping the Manila Mem , we hit our road to Silang with cloudy skies trailing us. By the time we passed the line of plant peddlers in Aguinaldo Highway, we easily found our spot across the crossing for our lunch break treat. - The Balinsasayaw Restaurant. 

Balinsasayaw from my mind is a local term for a bat species but here there’s no bat around or bat-based menu but merely a name of a locally themed restaurant situated in the upward hill along highway going up to Tagaytay. The clustered huts punctured with selected garden plants was such a delighting radiance. When we were led to one of the huts, we had a backdrop view of the rolling farm of corn and banana trees as our backview. It was comfortably homy relaxing with its wooden and bamboo make up except for the small thunders and twitch of lightning.

It’s a good thing they set up a net for each of the hut to prevent the entry of the annoying fly swarms and a bell to strike if you want to call the waiters attention. We already waiting for our order when I noticed all other huts were starting to get occupied mostly by Japanese, European diners. So I washed my hands first in the nearby restroom when I noticed their main activity hall was also covered in net.

Our first order – The Bulalo - arrived after our thanksgiving prayer. The Bulalo soup was a good warm-up with all its tender Batangas beef. Then came the rice along with the line-up of Pinoy dishes : The Pinakbet , fried chicken, NIlasing Na Hipon, PataTim, Stuffed Squid and the Sisig. Nilasing na Hipon was actually a crunchy fried medium sized shrimp made tastier when dumped in local vinegar with garlic. I also recommend their appetizing sisig which is surprisingly made from bangus belly. The Pata Tim is emphasizeded with its a smoky flavoured beef along with its fresh veggie garnishings. We ordered varety of fruit smoothies that is aside from the fresh cut fruits served for our dessert.

My verdict for such sumptuous afternoon eat out was shared by rest of my family members. We have the satisfying medley of Pinoy dish that we truly appreciate with the coziness of place and be remembered for a long time. But of course how can you not leave Balinsasayaw without taking a picture within these oasis of a restaurant. We headed home via Paliparan exit and savoring the treat. It was like a long dine out but we still have some take-out for our dinner tonight.
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