021617: The Urban Tracker (In Manila) Smells like Old Glory in Rizal Open Air

Rizal Open Air Auditorium from a tantalizing distance
nce in Rizal Park, there's no escape throwing back into the memories of the amazing solar system shows in Planetarium during 80ish high school. 

Replacing the once planetarium, the well-placed entertainment venue Rizal Park Open Air Auditorium would, after all, serve those free expressionists and old-timers the pleasant hope for the rest of their living years.

062516 : The Urban Tracker (In Mandaluyong) Shattering the Myth That is MMA in Don Bosco

Mixed Martial Arts -The Underground Battle

nlike boxing, MMA is a contact defense-offense sport not everybody would probably embrace due to its extreme violence in nature. 

Slowly gaining popular ground, this once underground sport makes use of force and strokes highlighted by the pinning with arms to subdue an opponent.

061916 The Urban Tracker (In Pasay) Counting Blessings At The Counselor’s Cafe'

The Counselor’s Cafe' as seen in the eye of the passerby
nce sandwiched between Leveriza and Donada past the Adventist Hospital along San Juan St.one food outlet is humbly placed among the rows of a typical apartment with its eye-catching simplicity of a signage 

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